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FAQS – Electrical Certificates of Compliance

  • How long is my certificate valid for?
  • The physical certificate is valid for two years only for transfer purposes, providing that there has been no changes of any kind to the installation (changing light switches, plugs, etc.)
  • When do I get my certificate?
  • Once all payment is settled and all compliance remedial work is done.
  • Are the lights in my property covered by the certificate?
  • DOSS will ensure that there is power to the light and that it is adequately earthed, but globes are excluded and are for the owner’s cost.
  • How long does the electrical inspection take?
  • An estimated 45 minutes to two hours depending on property size.
  • What is covered by the electrical certificate of compliance?
  • The certificate covers the circuits for fixed appliances, but does not cover the actual appliances, for example stoves, geysers, air conditioning and refrigeration plant and lights.
  • Why do I have to have all this electrical work done, when I lived in the house, quite happily for many years, without incident?
  • It is possible for an installation to function correctly without it being 100 % compliant for example a plug socket outlet may function, but it may not be earthed.
  • Are all these items on your repair list compliance issues?
  • Yes, we only report on issues that affect the compliance and not maintenance issues, unless maintenance has an impact.
  • If my pool pump, for example,  does not function after a compliance certificate has been issued, is it my responsibility as the owner to repair?
  • Yes, all appliances are excluded from the Electrical certificate of compliance.
  • What are the measures I can take before you inspect my property for Electrical compliance?
  • Replace all globes and ensure they are in working order.
  • Employ a contractor to replace all obviously faulty / broken electrical components such as lights, plugs etc.       
  • Ensure that the main distribution board is accessible for inspection and that the cover may be safely removed.
  • If this is a tenanted property ensure that there is enough electricity in the ED meter for us to conduct the survey.
  • If I employ other contractors to attend to your recommended repairs, will DOSS re-inspect and issue a certificate?
  • No, we do not issue certificates on other contractors work, as we have no guarantee of workmanship nor the quality of materials used.
  • Do you require a deposit before the commencement of remedial work?
  • Yes, as we are obliged to pay our suppliers upfront.\
  • Must the pool light work for compliance purposes?
  • No, as this is a globe (normally a wet-niche). However, the transformer that feeds power to the pool light, must comply (ie. correctly rated with over-current protection). We suggest that that the owner ensures the pool light is working, prior to handing over the property to the purchaser.



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