About Electrical Compliance

What is an Electrical Compliance Certificate or Electrical COC?

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a document verifying that all electrical installations made to a property from the point of supply to the control point comply with all legal requirements as stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 (Act 85 of 1993),

As an owner, you need to ensure that your electrical installation is safe and adheres to the current code of practices or Installation date. In terms of the act, a change of ownership cannot happen unless you have a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

You receive the certificate if your electrical installations comply with SANS 10142-1 Regulation.

The Electrical Compliance Certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue, provided that no regulation or other changes have been made to your electrical installation after your certificate was issued.

In the event of changes made, a registered electrician will have to issue a supplementary certificate for the alterations, extensions or maintenance undertaken.

Doss recommends you get a new certificate for every building transfer.

What is not covered by the Electrical Certificate of Compliance?

  • Light bulbs.
  • All appliances i.e. stove, garage door motor, gate motor, pool pump, etc.
  • Telephone and internet conductors and alarm systems.
  • Note: PV installations, generator sets, inverters and UPS installations should be certified by the installer of the various systems.


Electrical installation compliance checklist:

The distribution boards

  • Are the distribution boards correctly labelled?
  • Have the correct sized links been used?
  • Are the earth leakage and other switchgear in working order?
  • Do all breakers have visible ratings and correctly rated to the conductors they protect?


  • Has an accessible isolating switch, within 1.5m from the appliance.
  • Water pipes are earthed and bonded correctly.
  • The cover is secure and supply cable is glanded.


  • The stove is cabled up correctly.
  • The stove has an accessible isolator within 1.5m from the appliance.

Satellite and TV antenna

  • The satellite and TV antenna are earthed and bonded.

Socket outlets, switches and light fittings

  • All socket outlets, switches and light fittings are secured and earthed.
  • Socket outlets are in working order and have shutters.
  • Light fittings are rated correctly for their specific area.

Fixed appliances

The following appliances must be fitted with an isolator within 1.5m of the appliance:

Geyser, gate motor, garage door motor, extractor fans, ceiling fans, air-conditioner units, water feature, any pump, under floor heating and heated towel rails.


  • All conductive parts of the installation must be bonded, earthed and the same electrical potential as the supply authority earthing.
  • The correct cable size and colour has been selected for the various applications.
  • There are no exposed red and black live conductors.
  • No open joints or broken conduit.

Our other Compliance Services include the following:

  • Water
  • Beetle
  • Gas
  • Electric Fence
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