Preparing for your Electrical Compliance inspection (COC)

To ensure your electrical inspection runs smoothly please follow the below guidelines.

  • Please ensure that we have access to all distribution boards and that covers can be removed without difficulty.
  • If any rooms or garages are locked or made inaccessible by goods, this will cause delays if we are unable to inspect them.
  • Please make sure that there is enough electricity in the pre-paid meter (if applicable) for us to conduct our tests at inspection time.
  • Check that all your lights are working - globes are not covered by your certificate, nor are any appliances. Fluorescent lights and pendants need to be earthed – use plastic fittings instead of brass.
  • All plugs should have safety shutters and must be secured.
  • Satellite dishes, TV aerials and hot water cylinders need to be correctly earthed. Recall the installer if recently done.
  • If any work has been done on the installation (even a plug fitted or a light changed), insist on a certificate of work done from the electrician.
  • Earth leakage units have to be installed if any plugs or lights have been added to the existing installation. These are expensive items so should be borne in mind when you make any changes.
  • Ceiling fans and extractor fans must by law have isolating switches (not the on/off switch).
  • Large transformers for low voltage lighting are often used in roofs. These need to have circuit breakers installed in the roof. Use small single transformers instead.
  • Always check that electricians never leave open junction boxes in the roof – a very common occurrence. Refer ripbox site.

If you have any specific questions on how to prepare for your inspection, please feel free to contact us.


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