FAQs – Beetle Certificates of Compliance

How long does the inspection take?

  • Dependent on the size of the property, between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What is the cost of the beetle inspection?

  • R500.00 including VAT or for immediate/upfront payment R450.00 including VAT

Do you undertake treatments if beetle is found?

  • Yes and then we will issue you with a certificate.

How are wooden floors that are concealed by fitted carpets inspected?

  • They are not inspected.  The certificate only covers the accessible portions of the property.

What kind of beetle is generally found in the greater Cape Town Area?

  • Some of the common wood destroying insects found in the Western Cape are Hylotrupes bajulus and Oxypleuris nodieri as well as Anobium punctatum (common furniture beetle).

Is a beetle certificate a legal requirement?

  • No. However,  it is generally included in many offers to purchase, as a requirement, by the buyer or by financial institutions for home loan purposes.  It is advisable to include it as a clause in an offer to purchase, especially in older areas.

Why does the clause in my offer to purchase only mention two beetles?

  • Some offers to purchase present this inherited clause (covering only Hylotrupes bajulus and Oxypleuris nodieri) as standard wording when in fact they should cover “all wood destroying insects”. Anobium punctatum, in particular, which is excluded in these instances, could cause damage and deterioration to property.

What if I purchase a property and no beetle certificate is provided?

  • Should there have been beetle infestation at the time of contracting and the seller fails to disclose this, he would not be able to rely on the voetstoots clause to avoid liability.

How do I prepare for a beetle treatment of the floors in my home?

  • We suggest that you keep small animals and children away for the first 24 hours. The property can be properly ventilated a few hours after the treatment and a mild solution of soap and water including a few drops of essential oil like lavender can be applied directly to the floors.

Are wooden fences on the property inspected?

  • No, and neither are wooden “wendy house” inspected.


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