About Electric Fence Certificates of Compliance


The Electrical Machinery Regulations (part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of1993) states that this certificate must be issued when a property that has an electric fence transfers ownership. The certificate ensures the safety of the fencing, as well as also preventing potential radio and satellite interference which is caused by incorrectly installed energizers and poorly earthed installations.

The certificate also protects homeowners by specifying the minimum fencing quality as well as detailing the permitted erection standards.

The Electric Fence Compliance Certificate is not connected to the Electrical Compliance Certificate and cannot be issued by an Electrician. The regulation that governs electrified fence installations is the SANS 10222-3. If your fence was installed before December 2012, then it is subject to the older regulations, but if the installation was done after December 2012, then the updated regulations apply.

The Electrical Fencing certificate ensures that the electric fencing on the property:

  • Is in good working order
  • Cannot be easily touched by accident
  • Complies with electric fence legislation at the time the fence was installed

How long is the EFCOC valid?

  • The Electric Fencing Certificate of Compliance is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

Electric Fence Certificate checklist:

  • There should be a maximum of 3m between posts.
  • An earth spike needs to be installed every 30m.
  • Signage needs to be installed at various points.
  • The conductors (wires) need to be terminated correctly with a ferrule or solder.
  • The fence needs to be in safe working order.

If your electric fencing was installed after December 2012, the above regulations will apply.

Preparing for your Electric Fencing Compliance inspection:

  • Ensure that all invasive growth is kept away from your fence
  • The energiser is often rendered inoperable by commonplace occurrences such as small insects which traverse the board and cause short circuits.
  • Our inspectors do not dismantle energisers at the time of inspections but they are further examined at the repair stage and may be subject to further remedial work.
  • Any energiser mounted outdoors, should be adequately protected with weatherproof housing.

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