Beetle Certificates of Compliance inspections

During a beetle inspection, the accessible parts of the property are inspected for infestation by timber destroying insects of all kinds. Woodborers may be active in timbers which appear free from infestation, as it is seldom possible to detect an infestation unless evidence appears on the surface of the timber. The beetle free certificate is normally only required in coastal areas where infestation is found. Subterranean termites are not generally found in the greater Cape Town area. DOSS ​beetle certificates of compliance are valid for three months from the date of inspection.

● In order to assist our inspectors to carry out an adequate inspection, please ensure that all
areas are accessible. We do not move heavy furniture or goods if it renders some areas

● If a treatment is required, we suggest that small animals and children are kept away from the
premises for the first 24 hours. The property can be properly ventilated immediately after the
application and a mild solution of soap, an essential oil (lavender) and water may be applied to
the floors directly with a mop. This only applies to a spray treatment of floors.



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