Preparing for your Gas Compliance inspection

Get a better understanding about preparation for your Inspection by reading through the below guidelines.

Whilst preparing for your Gas Certificate Compliance:

Ensure that your gas cylinder is:

  • Supplied by a reputable reseller
  • Is sealed with a branded valve seal
  • Is located on a clean and firm base.
  • Is located and protected against tampering by unauthorized persons and also damage and interference (eg animals and vehicles)


  • The Western Cape’s Bylaws prohibit the storage of more that 100 kg worth of cylinders at any residential property. Take unused units back to the reseller and claim your deposit back. DOSS do not deal in gas and clients are expected to refill and claim their own refunds.
  • A simple method of checking for leaks is to spray some soapy water on all the connections and joints on your gas line. Any leaks will show instantly as growing bubbles.
  • If you have permanent liquid gas installations such as fireplaces, gas hobs, gas hot water systems, etc. you will require an inspection.
  • Every fixed appliance needs to be equipped with an isolating valve that is accessible and unobstructed at all times.
  • All pipes must be of the correct size for the flow of gas, in the correct position and in the right quantities.
  • Regulators must confirm and relate to the required pressure of the installation and the conditions of pipes and equipment must be to standard.
  • Apartments above ground floor are only allowed 9 kg of gas.

See FAQs about Gas Compliance.

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