Insecticide for wood boring insects


At DOSS we always strive to use the most acceptable and least harmful insecticides applied by highly qualified technicians for your peace of mind. Coopers Ultrakill, which we use, is the product currently registered with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in terms of Act No.36 of 1947 as a toxicity group II product (Yellow band), i.e. “Moderately hazardous”. Material Safety Data Sheet.

A ready-for-use organic solvent based solution containing specifically blended insecticidal and fungicidal active ingredients. Timberdefence provides a colourless surface treatment for protection of seasoned timber against wood borer and termite attack as well as discolouring fungi and mould growth. Timberdefence contains a high level of insecticide to provide long term protection and also to control and protect against wood boring insects in timber.

* Organic solvent based insecticide and fungicide
* Colourless surface treatment for seasoned and new timber
* Long term protection
* Controls and protects against wood boring insects in timber
* Different methods of application for different circumstances and faster job completion

Registration act No L9189 Act No 36 of 1947
Namibian Reg No N-AR 1249

Cypermethrin (pyrethroid) 10g/L HARMFUL
TCMTB(Organosulphur compound) 8G/L

* Domestic Premises
* Industrial Premises
* Construction
* Timber Industry

CONTROLS: Carpenter bee, drywood termite, European house beetle, common furniture beetle, powder post beetle

PACKAGING: 1 L, 5 L tin can & 20 L container (available on request)

(Refer to product label for full particulars)

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