Beetle Treatment of Floors

BEETLE TREATMENT OF FLOORS – DOSS Inspection Services Cape Town.

Please note that some preparation is required prior to a beetle treatment being carried out:
1. Clear all soft furnishings from the areas to be treated (e.g. remove loose lay rugs and carpets, cardboard boxes, bedding and curtains that hang to the floor).

2. No animals or small children must enter the treated area until the flooring has been washed with a bucket of water and liquid soap. This can be done immediately after the treatment and will remove any traces of surface chemical. Adding some essential oil to the water will also help to remove the smell. The washing of the floors is the responsibility of the occupant and is not undertaken by DOSS.

3. Please do not touch the treated floor with your hands or walk barefoot until the floors have been washed.
The chemical to be used is PWP-F (Reg. No. L7448, Act 36 – 1947)

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