Save water by locating and maintaining mains stopcock


In times of emergency do you know where your main stop-cock is situated on your premises? It would be prudent to identify it, check what mechanism it has for turning off and make sure it works.

This is one of the items on our inspector’s checklist when they are conducting a Water Compliance inspection on your property.

A lot of stop-cocks are completely concealed by undergrowth, soil and rubble and are not always easily accessible. The tap may be jammed and may be difficult to operate if not maintained regularly. You should be able to switch off your water at a moment’s notice to avoid any flooding. You may even have a leak at the stop-cock and this can impact on your water usage if left undetected.

In fact monthly checks of your stop-cock should be undertaken to detect any leaks in the property. The property would have to be empty with no users. Write down your meter reading and check when you return. If there is a difference in the reading, it is likely that you have a leak. This, of course, is highly dependant on ensuring that no water is in use in the property at the time when this check is undertaken.

If you are unsure please call DOSS and request a water inspection.


Download this article as a PDF: Finding your main water stopcock

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