Maintenance and electrical compliance

There is widespread confusion in the public’s mind when it comes to electrical compliance if a property is to be transferred / sold.  What can I do to ensure that I will have minimum costs to pay when I sell? Take some time to check all the lights in your property.  Ensure that the globes […]

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Maintenance and water compliance

Dripping taps : We have all experienced this in our homes but it should not be ignored. If water is wasted then so is your money.  Compliance denotes that no taps may be dripping when in the “off” position.   Leaking pipes :  Most pipes will begin to leak at the joints, so check for […]

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Happy clients

    On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 15:04 PM Hi Janine, When JP and his colleague Raeez arrived today I expressed my concern and anxiety about the task ahead. They both reassured me that they would do their utmost to ensure an excellent outcome. This they have done. The job was finished within time, […]

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Energy saving tips for your home

 Adjust the thermostat of your geyser at home to the 55 degree celsius to 65 degree celsius range. Water heating makes up most of your electricity bill (generally about 30 – 40 %).  By taking a shower instead of a bath you will use less hot water. Where possible, install insulation between the ceiling and […]

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Beetle Treatment of Floors

BEETLE TREATMENT OF FLOORS – DOSS Inspection Services Cape Town. Please note that some preparation is required prior to a beetle treatment being carried out: 1. Clear all soft furnishings from the areas to be treated (e.g. remove loose lay rugs and carpets, cardboard boxes, bedding and curtains that hang to the floor). 2. No […]

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